Timeless Bonds: A Free! Zine

What if it wasn’t the final stroke just yet? Let’s dive into the future and see what everyone may be up to during the Olympics and their celebrations after, as we explore the friendships in Free! that define a timeless bond.


project moderators

PRONOUNS: she/they
ROLE: organization, beta, social media
BIO: How I'm still sane while sleep-deprived is probably because half my body's water content is caffeine ... and because of Free!
EXPERIENCE: head mod for Free! Secret Santa 2021; general mod for Suna Big Bang 2021; writing mod for Osaaka Exchange 2021

PRONOUNS: she/her
ROLE: finance/production
BIO: Sometimes the Free! Abridged 50% Off still feels like a dream XD
EXPERIENCE: finance mod for Rebuttal Showdown Zine and Set Your Heart Zine; shipping mod for The Journey Continues

PRONOUNS: she/they
ROLE: graphics
BIO: I’m a Sousuke kin first, human second. Shoutout to Maki for pulling me back into Free! after a 6 year hiatus ^-^
EXPERIENCE: This is my first modding event!

PRONOUNS: she/her
ROLE: shipping
BIO: free! is one of my absolute favorite animes ever and i wish it would never end >.<
EXPERIENCE: organization + production mod for SV Cookbook Zine and Langa Zine; finance + production + shipping mod for PeonyPinsCo

PRONOUNS: she/her
ROLE: formatting
BIO: Splash hehe! Rin is one of my favorite character. Haru is one of those characters I don't think I'll ever understand. I also presently, collect merch within the fandom, even if so many years ago.
EXPERIENCE: In 2018-2020, I was an active mod within the fan-zine community. I worked on free, charity, and for-profit zines. I am best as a graphic, formatter, art or general mod. You can see my past zine mod work here!

PRONOUNS: they/she
ROLE: graphics intern
BIO: I've only been a fan of Free! for a year, but it’s still one of my comfort anime and I’m so glad I discovered it through Makoto’s seiyuu. I love Makoto and Makoharu with all my heart!!!!
EXPERIENCE: This is my first time modding/being part of a zine, but I've done graphics for my school before!

zine schedule (2021-2023)

Interest CheckSept. 26 - Nov. 5
Contributor ApplicationsNov. 15 - Dec. 31
Results SentJanuary 5
Acceptance DeadlineJanuary 10
Creation PeriodJan. - April 2022
Preorders OpenJune 10
ProductionAug. - Dec.
Preorder FulfillmentJanuary 2023
LeftoversMarch 2023

frequently asked questions

What is a zine?
A zine (short for fanzine) is an unofficial collection of art and written pieces, compiled into book form and often accompanied with physical merchandise.
What is the theme for this zine?
This zine will explore the timeless bonds and eternal friendships formed throughout Free!, with a focus on the time period around and after "The Final Stroke."
please note that it will stray from the canon storyline to avoid movie spoilers
What are the specifications for this zine?
- for-charity (Water for People)
- physical and digital
- PG-13, SFW, general
- zine size and contributor numbers TBA
Will this zine be for-profit?
No, all proceeds from project earnings will go towards Water for People.
How will contributors be compensated for their participation?
We hope to generate enough revenue from sales to fund full physical bundles for our contributors! This includes the physical zine, all physical merchandise (including any unlocked stretch goals), and shipping to the contributor. All remaining funds will be donated to charity.
What characters will be featured in this zine?
Anyone and everyone! We hope to feature as many characters as possible in this zine.
Will ships be allowed in this zine?
All relationships portrayed in this zine will be platonic.
What are the application requirements?
Anyone aged 16 and over by the time applications close on December 31st is allowed to apply. Further application requirements and guidelines may be found here.
Can I apply for more than one role?
Yes, you may apply to as many roles as you like, but keep in mind you may only be accepted for one.
How many contributors will you be accepting?
Who are the moderators for this project?
The mods for this zine are Maki, Asteria, Kai, Terri, Kim, and Paigy! Feel free to read more about us here.
Have more questions that weren't answered here?
Feel free to let us know via DMs or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

application guidelines

- All applicants must be at least 16 years of age by the time applications close on December 31, 2021.
- All applicants must submit 3 individual pieces in addition to a portfolio.
- All submitted work must be SFW. NSFW samples will result in disqualification.
- Sample and portfolio links must be public and accessible to the mods. If we cannot view your application, then we cannot judge it!
- All submitted work must be complete. Please do not include WIPs or sketches.
- Free! pieces are appreciated, but not required.
- Submit 3 individual pieces that best showcase your art style along with your art portfolio.
- At least 1 piece must be fully rendered with a complex background .(Solid colors, gradients, and/or simple graphics do not qualify as complex backgrounds.)
- Traditional artwork is acceptable as long as it is scanned in high quality with a minimum of 300 DPI.
- Page Artists will be judged on overall ability and understanding of perspective, anatomy, composition, and color theory.
- Submit 3 individual pieces that best showcase your art style along with your art portfolio.
- At least 1 piece must be merchandise that you have designed in the past.
- Merch Artists will be judged based on overall ability and intuition for creating unique and eye-catching designs that are well-suited for making merchandise.
- Submit 3 individual samples that best showcase your writing style in addition to your writing portfolio (Ao3 user profile works!).
- The maximum word count per sample is 2,500 words, for an overall maximum of 7,500 words.
- Samples can be published or unpublished works.
- Writers will be judged based on overall ability and style. Key points of focus will include, characterization, flow, plot, grammar, and mechanics.
application password: Gold Evolution